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The firebird, from Russian fairy tales, was often found stealing fruit in a czar's garden. It seemed like an appropriate name for my own little corner of the internet, as I am the Firebyrd. Welcome to my personal website. At the moment, it mostly contains personal sort of things, but I hope to add content of wider interest sometime in the future.

What happened in my most recent updates?

February 10, 2012: At long last, an update! I've had the photos of a bunch of customs sitting around for literally years, so I finally got them sorted through and their pages written up. With any luck, it won't be another four years before I update again, as I have a new custom in the works who is just waiting for her hair to arrive and be put in. For now, check out Ixion, Rapunzel, Christmas Cactus, Dragon Dreams, and Rave.
March 22, 2008: I've got a bunch of new stuff up. First, a new painting I did, Octopus ATC 1. Then I've got the pages up for four new customs: Moochi, Red XIII, Year of the Dragon 3, and finally,Ninetales. Whew.
January 6, 2008: I finished several customs between September and now, I just never finished getting them ready for the web! First there's Blue Bee, my first breezie custom, followed by Moonhopper and Augery, both for custom swaps. The final custom for 2007, leaving me just one custom short of tying the number I did in 2005, is Chibi Red Roses. She's immediately followed by my first 2008 custom, another Ponyville custom, Chibi Yum Yum. Whew, that's it for now!
September 12, 2007: Two more customs! I do seem to be finishing these in sets of two. One is Ziggy Stardust, another David Bowie pony, and the other is Schism, a pony persona. I also added a section for the Bowie customs set.
August 19, 2007: Two new customs up, Jean Valjean from Les Miserables and a Pilot pony.
August 17, 2007: I've been switching some hosting stuff around and changing the layout of things a bit. I now have a section dedicated exclusively to My Little Ponies. Check out the MLP button on the left!
July 15, 2007: Two more customs commissions have been finished, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stella June, a pony persona.
July 2, 2007: I've finished two new customs. Nanday is a parrot pony and Snake in the Grass is a Saint Patrick's Day pony.
June 17, 2007: A new custom has been finished, named Water Wishes. Also, win a custom commission from me in my raffle!
June 15, 2007: Quickest update ever? Perhaps. "In the Octopus' Garden 1" added to the art gallery.
June 14, 2007: Another commission done despite the newborn. It's another Year of the Dragon pony. More customs should be done soon as well as some artwork.
May 14, 2007: I've slowed down on projects due to pregnancy and recently giving birth, but I finished another custom, David Bowie as the Thin White Duke.
February 28, 2007: Because my customs pages are the ones most updated, I've once again decided to put such updates here on the front page so it's clear that I /have/ been updating. I'm working on updates to other pages, but that might still be awhile. I did add a new custom tonight, my ninth cephalopod pony.

Many thanks to MSKing who designed the graphics and page for me. I couldn't do anything nearly as nice as this on my own. Check out the other things she does on her website!


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